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Selling your home? Put yourself in the "Driver's Seat" by having a Pre-Listing Inspection.

If you're ready to sell your home and want to help the sale process go smoothly and quickly, you may want to consider a Pre-listing Home Inspection. A Pre-listing Home Inspection uncovers potential surprises that could derail the sale of your house. This inspection, which is paid for by the home seller or listing agent, provides a written report as to the condition of the property. You will have time to retain various estimates to correct these items at your own pace, rather than by closing deadlines. A Pre-listing Home Inspection helps the agent set the seller's price expectation and can be used to substantiate a higher asking price.

Pre-lising Inspections may eventually become the more common home inspection, but the importance of having a home inspection as part of the home sales process cannot be understated. It protects all parties involved by providing invaluable information so that educated decisions can be made.
It's a "Win, Win" situation!

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